Bilingual Version of Investing for Success Web Course Launched

Washington, DC, May 23, 2002 - Institute Executive Vice President Julie Domenick recently announced that a bilingual version of the award-winning online Investing for Success investor education workshop was launched to bring important financial education and investor awareness messages to the nation’s growing Hispanic population.

The Institute will be working with the Hispanic College Fund, Inc.—a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to developing the next generation of Hispanic business leaders in America by awarding scholarships to deserving Hispanic students—to promote the program.

The interactive workshop, invertirconexito.icief.org, was launched as part of the enhancements made to the Investing for Success program, a partnership that includes the National Urban League; the Coalition of Black Investors–Investment Education Fund; and the Investment Company Institute Education Foundation.

According to J. Fernando Barrueta, president and chief executive officer of the Hispanic College Fund, Inc., “[The Investing for Success] program is very exciting … it’s innovative, and very much needed.”

Video excerpts of Ms. Domenick’s and Mr. Barrueta’s remarks are below.

About the Hispanic Investing for Success web course…

Text of video clip [Julie Domenick, ICI Executive Vice President]:

“To help bring more financial education and knowledge to the Hispanic community, the Investing for Success partnership today is launching a new version of our award-winning website which has been developed for Hispanic audiences. The website, in both Spanish and English, will offer all of the important investor education messages and resources of the Investing for Success workshop. We are also pleased to announce that the Hispanic College Fund will be working with us to promote the website. With these enhancements in place, I am confident that the Investing for Success program can make greater progress toward our investor education goals and reach the promise that we hold for it.”

The challenges facing the Hispanic community…

Text of video clip [J. Fernando Barrueta, president and chief executive officer, Hispanic College Fund, Inc.]:

“A significant challenge that the Hispanic community has today is education. According to the latest census figures, less than 10 percent of Latinos are college graduates. In fact, the Pugh Foundation just concluded a study about two or three months ago, that indicated that that number is getting worse for Latinos. One of the most significant reasons fewer Hispanics are enrolling in college is lack of financial resources. Through its mission of providing scholarship funds, the College Fund is dedicated to increasing college enrollment among Hispanic students.”

Bringing Investing for Success to new audiences…

Text of video clip [J. Fernando Barrueta, president and chief executive officer, Hispanic College Fund, Inc.]:

“We’re very pleased that the National Urban League, the Coalition of Black Investors-Investment Education Fund, and the ICI Education Foundation have invited us to join Investing for Success. We look forward to bringing the Investing for Success program to new audiences and to motivate the Hispanic community to aggressively take advantage of the power of investing. We’re confident that the Investing for Success partnership will help Hispanic investors make informed decisions and build a solid financial foundation for themselves and for generations to come.”